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simple path change challenge

Hi there, so I have a common issue. I had my mp3's on my desktop but then had to move them to a D: drive.. it must be some simply silly syntax thing..

i tried editing a saved as playlist here is what one of the songs looks like without any changes:

MP3s\- Electronic -\Misc\01 Cups.mp3

note the location is C:\...\Desktop\MP3s\... as you can see above.. didn't change folder structure in the MP3s folder

now i thought i could make a change to make it look something like this:

D:\MP3s\- Ambient -\Misc\04 Pankalia.mp3

note the new location is D:\MP3s

seems like if i edit the saved as playlist and then reload it, it would see the path. eventually i'll do a "replace all" with something.. but i just tried editing the very first song
"Pankalia" and i would imagine if the path were right it would start playing even if all the others are still wrong..

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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