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Bug in Shoutcast?

I've had an ongoing problem with Shoutcast for over a month now, as mentioned in a previous thread. I first reported it to support about 3 weeks ago.

So after using an encoder and turning it off, the planner should automatically kick in, right? Well it did at first, then it gradually stopped working.

After many emails I eventually got a reply which said it looked like it could be a bug. Several more emails later I was told that it would be escalated to the engineers.. several weeks later and many more emails, I was told that it would be escalated again and that it had been added with another radio station that also has the same problem. I wouldn't mind so much if I would get a proper update of some kind, but 3 weeks later the problem is still there.

I only use the encoder in the evenings until midnight, later on weekends,and at that time I want to be able to switch to planner for my playlist and get some sleep. Instead I have to wait until the 24hrs are up for me to reboot. This situation is getting intolerable, has anyone else got the same problem? I have a business account by the way. I have just been moved to the upper pricing as the station is growing, but yet I'm not getting the service I'm paying for. Can anyone give me some advice, or an alternative way of doing things? TIA
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