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I also had this issue after going to Windows 10 - and this fix seems to be working for now

But prior to that as a remedy I was using for the longest time a simple BAT file

shutdown /r /f /t 0

The X stands for any non drive you do not utilize for any system purposes have, Y is some folder that you have do not intend to deleted ever and Z is also a folder that is suppose to be there every time but a one that it is unlikely that you will enter during your normal work-flow. And that is because if the system is to be immediately reset or closed, then first it needs to have the >>/t<< parameter and specify it with a number of second as 0. Secondly it has to start spinning all the HDD's by accessing some folder on them. But if that folder was already accessed by the operating system sometime after its current session have started, then this will not be enough, as that folder is somehow stored in memory- and so the path must go one step deeper. And if not- then the spinning of HDD's will start long after OS will show the closing screen, apparently at the very end of the resetting / closure . [This of course is of no importance if the user only has SSDs]

This BAT may still come in handy in regard to Winamp after some Windows 10 update when things go south - plus I also have some other software that blocks closure of the OS in the same way as Winamp deos
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