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Need help with Nintendo DS skin

I'm making a Nintendo DS skin, but I need some help.
Here is the url for my skin so far:

>code problems
1. Not all the buttons are working(ml,eq,crossfade)
2. when you click on shuffle or repeat, you don't see in the songticker it's currently setting (shuffle on/off),
3. There seems to be a magic line at x=200 where everything disappears if it's under it. Therefore you can't see the songticker.
4. I don't know how to make an equalizer that slides into the top screen.

>artistic problems
1. I can't get the DS logo in the upper right corner, left of the shade button, of every window.
2. I have no idea for the buttons when the DS is closed(shade mode)
3. I would like it if someone makes a new frame for the windows.

I used some scripts from other skins, so I would like to know if i need to change anything, because I don't want any trouble or that my skin is a 'rip'. If anyone has some ideas or suggestions I would like to hear them.
Thanks in advance.
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