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1) You have the same param= setting for all three of those buttons. Each one is different, and there isn't one at all to activate the EQ (it's just action="EQ_TOGGLE"). The ml should be param="guid:{6B0EDF80-C9A5-11D3-9F26-00C04F39FFC6}" and the crossfade is cfgattrib="{FC3EAF78-C66E-4ED2-A0AA-1494DFCC13FF}". The hotspot for the EQ button seems to be REALLY small (I can only get it to work clicking just below it???). I got your EQ button working here, didn't try the ml or fade.

3) I don't have a lot of time to look through the code (wrapping presents ), but I suspect the group where the songticker is located, is sized smaller than the area in which you're attempting to display its parts.

1) You need to define that image as a layer in each .xml file for the component windows. You only have to define it as an element once, I believe.

The graphics look really good. It looks like you have your image, hoverimage and activeimage mixed up on several of them (when the EQ is on, for example, the image is dark; same with shuffle).

Before you go much further, you should probably tear into the code and get rid of anything you don't need. It looks like there's a lot in there that doesn't have to be there.

EDIT - I'm not sure why the ml isn't working (you have exactly what's in the modern skin). But what I put above is incorrect (that guid is for the component itself ).
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