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Originally posted by WarriorO/TLight
talk to PAK about that...
er.. what's it got to do with me?

J are you sure you want to go spreading your APE around in its beta stage? After all when (if) you finish it people will have to overwrite the old one and for simple folk it might all get a bit confusing

for whomever is putting the pack together at the end... I think its important to have a naming convention, I really hate packs that are a mish-mash of titles. For example:

WFCO - 01 - Intro
WFCO - 02 - <preset author> - <preset name>
WFCO - 03 - <preset author> - <preset name>
WFCO - 04 - <preset author> - <preset name>
WFCO - 05 - <preset author> - <preset name>
WFCO - 10 - <preset author> - <preset name> (<remix name> by <remixer>)
WFCO - 11 - <preset author> - <preset name> (<remix name> by <remixer>)
WFCO - 12 - <preset author> - <preset name> (<remix name> by <remixer>)

something like that

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