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Re: Bug in Advanced Title Formatting

Originally posted by n2jtx
I noticed a change in Advanced Title Formatting and I am not sure if it is a bug or an undocumented change in behavior. I wrote a plugin (gen_whatsplaying.dll) that uses IPC_FORMAT_TITLE to format a string. Up until Winamp 5.2, I could put a newline '\n' character into the string and it would be returned unaltered in the resultant string. Now with Winamp 5.2, my newline character is converted to a space character. I have poked around a little with trying different format codes but nothing seems to be able to insert a newline character.
I am still seeing this in 5.21. Still curious if this is a bug or a permanent change in the functionality of Advanced Title Formatting.

I am also noticing a stability issue in 5.2x. I am trying to nail down an exact sequence to cause problems so that I can document it but I have had a few "random" Winamp crashes involving the playlist editor since upgrading to 5.2x where I had none with 5.13. Hopefully the crash reports sent to Microsoft by Windows will be forwarded to Nullsoft.

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