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Re: can't open media library at all

Originally posted by naumaxos
win xp pro sp2, p4 2.6 Gh, 1Gb RAM, Gforce FX 5200, directx 9.0c...crashes upon opening (trying to) the media library either by ALT+L or view>ML.the error report i think is this one.i use the emp skin but it did not work with the modern one two.also in the preferences whenever i check 'enable media library view and other options' it when i try to click the ML in the plugins it (guess what...) crashes. please
take a look at this as it is quite irritating to say the least

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Does it still crash if you remove the 3rd-party (not-supported) gen_wanotify.dll and in_CDReader.dll plugins?

yeah that's it!!!!thank you very much!!which of the two plugins do u think interferes with the ML? (cause i found the notify one very useful, and sorry i forgot to mention it)

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Probably CDReader. The way to find out which of the two was to blame would be to re-enable them one at a time, closing & reopening winamp inbetween.
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