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I have a lot of crashes while playing shoutcast stations with an error msg of:
The instruction at "0x0201b133" referenced memory at "0x0338efbc". The memory could not be "written".
Here's an example station where it happens a lot:

At first, I thought it was a plugin or skin that caused it, so I renamed the winamp directory and reinstalled. Even if I use the Classic or Modern skin that winamp comes with (I normally only have Nucleo_Alienmind or PaxAmp installed now that Winamp 5.2 broke my favorite New_CLEAR skin), I get the same crashes :-P

This started happening with 5.20 and even with the latest 5.21. If the developers need to send me a debug version that does a stack dump, please feel free to. Please look into why the New_CLEAR skin doesn't work as well...5.2 shouldn't be breaking compatibility with skins :-P

When it crashes, it clutters up my temp directory with WAS* directories as well...
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