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I have to agree Tom, one of my biggest complaints about the new site is the inability to view the name of the whole station or song name until you click the "More" button, I understand that it makes the YP more compact but it's a tiring process to have to keep clicking through "More" buttons in order to view what actual song is playing, bit-rate, etc. Plus, no AIM or ICQ fields anymore? This should have been priority to be listed since it's already apart of the current DSP.

Also, something needs to be done with how many stations can be listed at once on a page, I remember with the old YP you were able to list up to 100 stations at once, having to scroll through endless amounts of pages is tiring as well, and will make it harder for smaller stations to be heard due to the fact that you have to go to the 18th page of a genre to find smaller stations, and most people will get tired of looking through listings by the 5th page with how the new YP is set up.

As far as the WINAMP internal SHOUTcast listing, you should just make an option to view "Classic SHOUTcast Listing", just like the main site has the option to view the old YP, that shouldn't be too hard at all.

I'm very happy SHOUTcast is moving forward with good progress, but certain issues being resolved will help alot of broadcasters out, especially with the YP. As much as I love the new YP design, the widget and the toolbar, I think we need to be more concerned in the long run with how the broadcasting software is going to play in with the relaunch. I know alot of people are disgruntled with how things are turning out, but you also have to understand the word "BETA" underneath the new logo, this is only testing at this point, and hopefully the dev team adresses the issues and corrects them.
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