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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
If you weren't experiencing any problems with pmp_ipod v0.81 from Winamp 5.601 then you should stick with that version.
This test version of pmp_ipod v0.82 was intended just for people who are experiencing the "no music shown on ipod after eject" problem with Winamp 5,601/pmp_ipod v0.81

Hmm, not good :-(
This will most certainly need looking into...

So it worked okay for the first few times (or just once?) and then the crash started occuring on subsequent attempts?

Are you getting the same crash as misterreed?
I have Windows 7 so unfortunately, it doesnt give me good crash information. I went back to the Distro version of pmp_ipod and everything works fine! I just wanted to test the newer builds just in case something cool happens. (sometimes crashes are kinda cool, no?)
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