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Whoops, sorry MrSinatra, didn't notice this is where we were posting stuff like that

Yeah, I was looking into Songbird's deprecated iPod support which is now open sourced, found it used libgpod and then noticed in newer versions of gtkpod (built by the same people) they have Nano 5g and even 6g support.

I found this in the NEWS file for gtkpod V0.99.8:

IMPROVEMENT: Support for coverart has been improved. You may
have to select your iPod model from a list of available models
if your iPod cannot be identified automatically, as is the case
for iTunes mobile phones or the new 6th generation iPod Nanos.

This lead me to libimobiledevice which I believe gtkpod uses for newer devices. libimobiledevice also seems to have libgpod incorporated.

It sounds like libgpod may be a bit of a pain to compile on Windows, but the Songbird team did a fair amount of work and managed it, and though it's for an older version, their changesets could be handy for replicating it.

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