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...and General MacArthur said "I have returned"

Hey it's RLP. I haven't posted a single MilkDrop preset since 2009. Why? My GeForce FX 5200 blew up, but it never reached the minimum requirement for running the Shaders in MD. In September of this year I got a GeForce 6200 (yeah not good either), but I'll tell you, it runs a HELL ALOT better than the FX 5200. As a result, I got back to working on some mashups of presets, and some of my own work. I hope you enjoy some, but hey, it's not the best, but does help contribute to the wealth of presets made by the whole MilkDrop community.

"I have returned" - Gen. MacArthur, during WWII

EDIT: Also if you try to launch a preset and the shaders give you an error saying "cannot load texture: [rand00] anime.jpg/dds/bmp/etc." just edit the shader code in question by taking out the part where it says "anime" anywhere in the code. Those are usually personal mashes I made for myself (like my remix of martin's funky illusions preset), because in my Milkdrop2/textures directory, I have a bunch of textures that are composed of anime wallpapers and all of that. Sorry about that.
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