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Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the not version too.

I have currently found a work-around that suits my needs, but I would still like to figure out how to get this button to do what I want.

For now what I have done is used an AutoHotKey script to send the F3 keystroke to the current window, being Winamp. However, I have to launch the script from Windows, not from the button like I want to.

As I'm not yet too familiar with XML, I'm not sure if you can make a button launch an external file (the script).


I'm trying to create a very easy to use touch-screen compatible interface. Hence why searching the current playlist with a button press is such a huge deal to me. Once the search is opened, I have an OSK program launch, allowing touch-screen typing for search. The problem is I only want to have the osk come up when entering text. I don't want it in the way when I don't need it there.

Thanks for your help BTW. I had put this project away until I received email notification of your reply. It got me back to working on this!
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