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my exp has been that most apps will treat ANY numerical value other than an explicit " 0 " or blank/null/no value/nonexistant field, as at least 1 star.

so, the scale would be:

null/0 = unrated, no stars
1-20 = 1 star

(i believe the intent in doing so is to visually indicate to the user that a value is actually present, otherwise they would not know without examining tags)

and at this point, apps seem to deviate a bit. some would then treat 21-40 as 2 stars, while others would treat 1-29 as one star, and 30 to 49 as 2 stars.

i am comfortable with how winamp writes it. it seems to match what MM and SBS/LMS do to interpret it.

keep in mind the need for granularity. if one has an app that does half stars, they need 10 to be half a star, that kind of thing.

i don't know how winamp reads it, but i would hope its something like this:

0 = 0 stars
1-20 = 1 star
21-40 = 2
41-60 = 3
61-80 = 4
81-100 = 5

that system basically allows for 20 points of granularity between star levels.

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