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good work, i hadn't gotten around to testing things.

i think you found a bug, mainly with winamps 0-10 scale handling. this is because if someone uses the 0-10 scale, and a file has 1-5, it is interpreted as being part of the 0-5 scale.

do we agree on that? would a pref that allows a user to pick or specify the scale they use (for vorbis only) solve it? (0-100 should be the default for winamps R/W obviously, but the scale picked should then affect the R/W).

do we also agree that values 11-19 should not display 0 stars?

do we agree that 21-40 should be two stars?

are there any other points you made, that i have missed?

(in the meantime, wouldn't the easiest thing for you be to just convert to the 0-100 scale using mp3tag and manual sorting? you do SBS/LMS right? thats how it wants it)

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