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ok, this is, imho, getting out of hand... i think we all need to step back and take a deep breath, and approach this fresh!

DrO, i know you aren't a fan of ratings, but you ARE a fan of K.I.S.S. and so i think any solution should not be half assed in determing handling of the scales, nor complex in its handling without achieving a worthy end. so far, i have not seen a solution suggested that competently handles users of the 0-10 scale, (unless i have misunderstood). instead, the solution should be straightforward and simple. here is my suggestion:

0-100 is clearly the most popular scale used in the marketplace, and has been for some time, thats why it should be the default for R/W ratings. we all need to agree on that first to make any progress.

however, i think if a user wants to use either the 0-5 or 0-10 scale that should be allowed, but the onus should be on the user to make it happen. therefore the scale used itself, for Vorbis, should be exposed in either the prefs, or an ini file. something like:


and they change it to:


and now winamp will R/W, in all instances, the data as per that scale.

lets not try to mystically divine what scale we think the user is using. lets instead give the user a way to say "this is the scale i will use" and force them to conform all their data to that scale. i think thats a more reasonable approach then trying to make winamp smart enough to know what scale a given file is trying to use, but it does mean DrO that winamp will have to buy into that idea.

another benefit of having winamp work with only one scale at a time, is the elimination of any calculations, divisions, or consideration of integer math. you can simply hardcode that "this number means this star"

i hope i have made sense and not offended anyone. but ratings ARE important to me, and i would like to see the issues here handled gracefully for both the users and the devs benefit and sanity.

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