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firstly, i am just saying it as it is, i'm not offended, etc - i just think too much time has been wasted on this already.

easy option, we remove everything () so it's just assumed to be 0-100 and that's it. the same for all of the other input formats and we just have one scale and that's it... but that won't work as we're trying to be as compatible as possible (with in reason) to get data into Winamp, and so we have to consider weird / non-standard scalings.

the issue i see is what the boundaries on things need to be and that's it. 0-100 is the main scale but 0-5 and 0-10 is also known and will be handled as best as is allowed to do. adding config options is not a solution as that then assumes that 'bob' knows what the range is (so is no different from how Winamp does things) and with people passing crappy tagged files around, how is anyone going to go "oh yes for this file i need scale 1, for this scale 2, etc" and then have to import files in different manners. that is not feasible.

the whole point is that this is about getting data into Winamp and that once in there then they should just be using that for handling things (i know people swap and change but adding in extra code / config options for what are seemingly not the norm is just a waste of everyone's time).

if things don't import right because we've not auto-magically guessed that rating=6 is meant to be in the 0-100 scale instead of 0-10 scale is just something that will have to be lived with. as adding some config option still leaves it open to being incorrectly done, it just shifts it more to the user than on Winamp, but it'd still be Winamp that is blamed if things aren't right (can never win).

and no matter what is done it requires some form of integer math being done (even if it's just hard-coding values in for ranges - that's how a lot of coding works) and adding in specific scales means more code, not less.

so someone needs to pick which of the two options from Aminfu will be used or it gets left as is (i know this is blunt but too much time has been wasted for everyone on such a minor thing). as really no one else gives a monkey about this stuff -why else do you never see anyone on the dev team posting in these sort of threads.

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