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i guess i don't understand, and/or we just disagree. i don't understand how calculations are still needed if you use only one scale at a time and hardcode the values to amt of stars, and we seem to disagree that its ok and appropriate to make the user choose one scale at a time, and conform to it.

my opinion is that that would be a better way of handling things then making 0-10 users have a completely broken system, but i also respect that the devs have limited time and resources, and don't value 0-10 users needs. (i'm not saying that in any kind of tone or sarcasm, i'm just speaking plainly as to what seems to be the case afaict)

EDIT, (sorry i got them reversed in my mind):

if i have to vote on one of your two screenshots, i don't even understand the point of #24 so i'd have to go with #26 as the lesser of two evils.

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