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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
i never said either made sense, was just based on the code suggestions made. and had said that i didn't think the mapping on #26 was right.

as such the attached version only accepts the 0-100 range, so it's now doing:-daz
if i were to be a selfish bastard, i'd be thrilled with the above, b/c its exactly what i use. and not only is it what i use, its also exactly the right ranges for the 0-100 scale, and conforms with the most popular de facto standard in the marketplace, imo.

however, i do "care" about users who use other scales. this isn't like id3/POPM, b/c that scale (the range at least, 0-255) is in the spec, and winamp complies with what windows/WMP does; but Vorbis is much more open ended.

you don't necessarily need a new tag (that no others would support) to specify range, you could just add the range to the existing tag, eg. " 4/10 " but that also would be totally new to the marketplace, and potentially could break some other apps existing handling.

the only other two scales i have ever seen another app or user use (for Vorbis), are 0-5 and 0-10. the question then becomes, should winamp support them at all?

i don't mean to beat a dead horse, but if you can hardcode in 0-100 as the default handling, and hardcode that this value means this star, i don't understand why then you couldn't expose in an ini file the ability for a user to pick a different method? ie. replace the R/W scale with another than the 0-100 default?

Vorbis Rating Scale=A
//rem A=0-100 (default), B=0-10, C=0-5

but again, i am not a programmer, so i understand there may be something i am not seeing.

in any case, i like the scale DrO has proposed in post 32 and could easily live with that as the only implementation if thats what he chooses to do, esp since it jives with what winamp has been doing for some time now.

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