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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
sod 0-5 and 0-10 is my view and if people complain then so be it (i've taken enough shit from trying to please people and annoying everyone else that i don't mind now).

if 0-100 seems to be the generally adopted scheme then that's what needs to be used and based on things already, anything in those lesser scales was being incorrectly processed anyway (if anyone was using properly anyway).

adding a 'scaling' field to the tag is just not a viable solution either as that's then something else that you need to get people to adopt to use - the whole mess of this thread is just because of people not following a standard (however enforced it is or isn't).

you're saying you want things hard-coded but a config option goes against that. as such it's 0-100 or how it was ...
I agree and if you're looking for a vote, you have mine for changing to what is shown in post #32. Thank you for taking the time to write test code, run it, and provide the results for us to see.

I only offered the schemes I did (in posts #21 and #25) as attempts to fill in the hole (from 11 to 19) in the current scheme. It is impossible to elegantly incorporate the 3 different scales in 1 scheme.

If one scale is used, I had stated that I agreed with MrSinatra's suggestion for the 0-100 scale.

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