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Today I got my PC back...

The PS2-Socket for my mouse didn't work anymore
Good. That you still own a PS2 mouse? Have a PS2 port? Questionable.

The media keys work only in Google Chrome like before, not in Mozilla Firefox, but my keyboard works...
Good. Firefox has turned into Snowden to make it remotely relevant. Just use Chrome. If you can find the factory keyboard driver, that may help.

I thought, the username-folder would be in D, but it's in C. Okay, WAVs (16-bit, 44.1 MHz can be in username > Music, but no MP3s, because Traktor Pro changes the tags. Pictures for the projects with MAGIX Video have to be in username > Pictures, but private photos, video, documents could be brought to D...
Use symbolic links to return your folders to whatever you wanted them to be

In the recording device I have no "Stereo Mix" anymore
If it doesn't work now and it used to, it's the driver. Find the manufacturer and use that driver. If that doesn't work, thank the recording industry.

Many software don't work on Windows 8.
More than worked on Vista. Look up "Windows Compatibility Mode"

I can only hope, that Winamp will read both harddrives (2x 1000 GB), C and D...

Assign whatever drive letters or folders that are useful. Tell Winamp what they are.
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