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5.66 "bug": Enqueue from Windows Explorer and DONT Play dont work :(

Hello together

I'm new here :P

i'm using Winamp since about 10 years and created a portable installation on my external hard drive.

Yesterday, i downloaded v5.66 and updated (and made a backup ) my winamp from v5.621.
I continuously used the function "Enqueue files on double click" (in Windows explorer, instead of enqueue and play...)

But with v5.66, this dont work!
I double click a file, but winamp enqeue und play the file instantly! I tried for 2 hours to recover the old functionality (searched in registry, changed comand line options in HKCR\Winamp.Audio.MP3\shell\Enqueue etc ) but i cant get it back.

Anybody a solution? The new version seems to be cool, but this problem makes me crazy :/

I tried it with my local installation, too, but there is the same behaviour (

Thanks in advance

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