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I have v3 of Maelstrom ready, a significant update. Should be a good bit more refined.

BTW, Does anybody know if its possible and if so how to get the uv coordinates of "ret" or other tex2D variables? It seems straightforward enough to extract color values from UV coords, but I don't know of a way to do the reverse. In other words, how would I, say, create e.g. "float2 uv2 ..." such that GetPixel(uv2) gives me "ret" instead of "tex2D(sampler_pc_main, uv2)?

Perhaps there's a long way around, too. Synaescope just takes the warp shader and modifies it. What I'd like to do is take the final result in the comp shader of Maelstrom v3 and then modify that like Synaescope does the warp shader. I know, expensive, but I'm sure the result would be awesome .

Cheers and enjoy .

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