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Not sure if I understand the question correctly, but you cannot do the same with the comp shader as you can with the warp shader.

ret = GetPixel(uv2) is identical to ret = tex2D(sampler_main, uv2).

BUT there is a difference between warp and comp shader:

In the warp shader, GetPixel() is its own previous output, i.e. its content one frame ago. I.e. the warp shader can feed its own output back to its input like an echo. E.g. ret = GetPixel(uv)*0.9 in the warp shader causes a slow fading effect.

The output of the warp shader (ret) goes to the comp shader.
The comp can access this via GetPixel().
The output (ret) of the comp shader goes to the screen.

That is fixed in milkdrop, you cannot change it.
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