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I am not in the best of moods now, and my creative ability has suffered somewhat in the short term. There's still some work I'd like to do with the beat detection, as the presets tend to jump too much. Getting the beat detection just right has been just about the most difficult quality to nail down. The visuals a great though. I will give this another go and try and take about a week or so off.

In the meantime, I do have updates for both presets that I've tested A LOT against the last two versions and am just fed up right now with doing any more work with Maelstrom / Synaescope at the moment, so hopefully no glaring problems slipped by. On of the main improvements, for Maelstrom, was that I significantly reduced the presence of the flashing borders so my eyes wouldn't be boxed in and free to wander around the screen. I also updated the post processing a bit for both.

Anyways, cheers and enjoy . I hope yall aren't as tired of these presets as I am working on them right now lol .

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