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Special characters when syncing to MTP and UBS Devices

Hello, a long time ago I found this bug but I didn't know how to report this until now:

1. With a MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) Device:
When syncing to any device suporting this protocol, special characters \ / : * ? " < > . | don't appear on the device in the song information, instead appears _ for example: with the song *NSYNC - Bye, Bye, Bye I notice this using a sony walkman and a nokia cellphone using MTP:

The song info appears on the screen informacion like:

Song: Bye, Bye, Bye
Album: No Strings Attached
Year: 2000

I had the chance to test this with other devices using MTP and the results were the same.

2. If I use a USB drive like a hard drive or pen drive, when using the filename format string <Albumartist> for example: F:\<Albumartist>\<Album>\## - <Title> and start to sync or transfer any song with the special characters, shows "error transfer" in the transfers window.

3. I use a NTFS external hard disk and winamp doesn't recognize the drive if a connect it before opening winamp, so I have to open winamp first and then conect the drive for winamp to detect it properly.
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