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AVS doesn't work properly

Clean Install of latest winamp
No language pack (Us English)
Skin: All
Windows: Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name IAN-I7
System Manufacturer System manufacturer
System Model System Product Name
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3400 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 0401, 7/15/2011
SMBIOS Version 2.6
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514"
User Name Ian-i7\Ian
Time Zone New Zealand Standard Time
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 7.98 GB
Available Physical Memory 4.41 GB
Total Virtual Memory 21.4 GB
Available Virtual Memory 15.5 GB
Page File Space 13.4 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

Video: Adapter Description NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti
Adapter RAM 1.00 GB (1,073,741,824 bytes)
Driver Version

Sound:Name Realtek High Definition Audio
Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\rtkvhd64.sys (, 2.45 MB (2,565,736 bytes), 4/15/2012 12:15 PM)

DirectX: Directx 11
Plugin: avs

avs plugin doesn't work properly, not clocking with audio, so all visulisations are stationary, or appear blank, also clicking option for multi threading causes winamp to crash, winamp crashed when I switched to classic before once dorment and I went to switch to this page, and some avs presets also cause winamp to crash as soon as they are selected. I first noticed after loading Winamp and some presets onto my new computer, and uninstalled Winamp, deleted folder and installed fresh, and still noticed avs plugin not working. Milkdrop v2.24 seems to work fine though.
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