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Originally Posted by kzuse View Post
Uhmmm... I guess it's "Nullsoft Windows Media Decoder v3.6" (in_wm.dll)?
The song you provided plays without stuttering, clicking, and/or popping on my system also.

I don't understand why you are guessing about the file you said you disabled. What did you do? Without 'in_wm.dll' you should not be able to hear the song at all (unless you use another decoder). What DirectShow filter are you using and how is it applied?

Where you using an output plug-in other than the directsound plug-in when you had the problem? If you were using the waveout plug-in, try increasing it's pre-buffer. Although, the song plays fine on my system with the default buffer sizes.

Anyway, whatever is causing your stuttering, clicking, and/or popping, I don't think it's WA. If you have tried to 'enhance' your Windows codecs with a 3rd party package, that may be the problem.

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