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Originally Posted by kzuse View Post
My PC is rather old, 1,6 GHz single-core and 1GB RAM. Maybe this CPU load issue doesn't occur on newer machines with more power. But it should be able to play WMA files lag-free on a 1,6 GHz system as other players do it well...

Anyway, if it's too much effort to optimize these routines, no problem. I just want to notice about it. ...
Thanx for the details, it makes things very clear. Making such changes on my system would be pointless since I don't have the stuttering problem with the WA defaults (in this area) as is.

The hardware and OS may be a point. More powerful hardware does hide a multitude of sins. I'm using a 3GHz 4-core cpu and 4GB of RAM with Win 7. I still get random slow downs when running a lot of resource hungry apps at the same time. If you can add another 1GB of RAM to your system, to reduce swapping to virtual memory, it may help when running new versions of some apps.

WA allows the removal of a lot of things not used or needed which reduces the resources it uses. Suggesting some WA optimization in places ( I can agree with that), is not the same as suggesting a bug. That said, I understand why you think your issue is/was a bug. But when moving forward, backward compatibility has to end at some point.

I'm glad you still have ways to enjoy those wma files. I like some of EJ's stuff.

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