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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
More powerful hardware does hide a multitude of sins.
You're so right... But all in all, with that hardware, working with a (reasonably clean...) Windows XP can still be swift and fast and fun.

Okay, I understand that no more optimizations are done in that ways, most importantly because there is to little time left. Absolutely agree... but thinking back in Winamp 2.xx days, where we all were so happy with our Windows 98 SE machines and 733 MHz pentium II processors, Winamp (!) could play exactly this file very smoothly.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
I'm glad you still have ways to enjoy those wma files. I like some of EJ's stuff.
Yes He's really had some cool stuff, this one isn't one of his best, but an example for the "non-bug bug"... What leads me to the question (to myself, mainly) why certain other files don't show this behaviour at all.

Okay, long story short - I can live with it, but if in a far future there was any chance that there would be too much time, it would be great if it could be looked into it.

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