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Media Library Album art view playlist problems

Hi, any help is appreciated.

I use Winamp many years, but all the latest versions from Winamp 5.54 have a problem in Media library I can not solve.


1 - Media library empty, i add an Album named "ALBUM 1" to ML. If i click in album art all the songs are show in Winamp playlist and music play, all songs from ALBUM 1 are show in Media Library also.

2 - I add another album to Media Library named "ALBUM 2", when i double clik in album art it play, but ALBUM 1 can't add the song to winamp playlist when double click in album art and all songs from this album are missing from Media Library..... but if i switch "toggle album art view" to not show any album art, only name and songs, the ALBUM 1 and ALBUM 2 works fine

If i load all the albums i have in HDD from "add media library", there is a lot of albums with this problem.

Why?, whats the problem with album art view in latest Winamp?
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