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Originally Posted by JasonFriday13 View Post
... Really, Opus is just for smaller files at the same quality level (in my case that's: Opus at 128kbps, Vorbis at 160kbps, and MP3 at 192kbps). Even the shift from MP3 to Vorbis reduced the file sizes by about a quarter (from 6MB to 4.5MB on average).
Are you converting directly from mp3 to vorbis? I was under the impression that converting from 1 lossy format to another lossy format further degrades the quality of the file.

I had been waiting for the lossless wavpack format to be better supported, so that I could re-rip my music that is currently in mp3 format. Wavpack is very similar to flac, but it uses the id3 tagging standard. I rather have fewer high quality songs, than more lower quality songs on my mobile device.

Now, I'm thinking about investing in the Pioneer XDP-100R ( It's expensive, but I don't want to further strain my eyes looking at a tiny screen (which is why I don't have a smartphone).

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