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I refer to the Windows 7 media streaming options, if youre on Windows 7 and you do a text search in your Start Menu for "media streaming", launch it. The window will tell you if Media streaming is on or not.

I should mention some recent findings, since I opened this thread a month ago. Even with media streaming on I still find that I must set up a wireless-friendly, system wide rule in my Android device in order to avoid having the wifi turn off while Winamp is open. Often times I do have to go to my android's Winamp and simply launch it in order for the winamp wifi sync service to run and stay on, then it shows up and works in my desktop Winamp. Sometimes I still have to close and relaunch both the desktop and android Winamp programs to get them recognized.

Still, this is a much better procedure to perform than what we had to do when the sync feature first came out, like disabling your local network adapters which I haven't had a need to do. It's very buggy and I still have the issue of some files not transferring over because its ID3 tag contains a colon.

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