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Hello Fellow sufferers !

Personally, I consider the Winamp wi-fi sync as not yet "fit for purpose".
Here is a summary of my findings. I am not sure this will help other members of this forum, but I hope catches the attention of the Winamp development team and be of some help to them.

- Problem
/ The transfer via USB works fine with several Adnroid devices I use. I recommend that alternative, but unfortunately that is not always possible - I have an Android media player that is far beyond the max length of a USB cable to connect to the PC where I keep all my music in .mp3 files. Wi-fi wold be the ideal solution, but it is not reliable enough.
/ I confirm the erratic on/off connection problems other member reported.
/ I confirm the problem with track names that contain a single quote (possibly other characters as well - see more bellow).
/ I confirm connection and transfer of tracks stops randomly (I couldn't find a recurrent reason).
/ I found that it is possible to transfer tracks/playlists to Android devices, even when Winamp is not running on the device, but that had a strange effect on the playlist
- I sent a playlist to the Android device with the first track "Ain't nobody" (Chaka Khan). The playlist had 16 tracks, but only that first one appeared later in the playlist on the Android media player, all other tracks had disappeared from the playlist.
- If Winamp was not running in the Android device when I transferred that playlist I mentioned above, I could see on the Widows PC I am using to send the playlist, that the playlist on the device had all tracks, but a few seconds after I started Winamp on the Android device, all tracks after "Ain't nobody" disappeared from the playlist.

My Temp fix
/ Fed-up with wi-fi transfer, I removed the hard-disk from the media player and transferred 38GB of tracks to it, organized as /artist/album/trackname. This is more reliable and much faster than wi-fi sync.
- IMPORTANT :- When I reconnect the hard-disk to the Android player, ANY .m3u found on the hard-disk is automatically "imported" as a Winamp playlist - Make sure the hard-disk doesn't have any .m3u files you do not want as a Winamp playlist (hard to get rid of them later).

/ I believe we can do the same with the SD card of an Android phone.
- Mount the card on the Windows PC
- Copy all tracks to the card.
- Create a folder on the PC with .m3u playlist files and copy that folder to the card. A few seconds after installing the card back in the phone and starting winamp, the playlists will be imported and appear in the phone.
/ I agree this not very pratical for those who change very often the music content of the phone.

Winamp wi-fi sync needs major improvement and I hope I have contributed to that with my comments.

I found a work around the problems found when trying to sync playlists from Winamp PC and Winamp Android. The files are transferred correctly, but not the play lists themselves.

Here is what I have done :
/ Connected Android phone to PC with USD.
/ Created folder "My Music" (or any other name) in the Phone and copied all tracks I want in the phnone with format \artist\album\trackname from the PC to the phone (this is very fast).
/ I had all my playlists, created in the classic format .m3u by an older media player. - This is just a text file which can be created "by hand" with a text editor and one line per playlist entry, in the format \path\trackname, example:
(C:\My Music\Phil Collins\But Seriously\09 All Of My Life.mp3)
/ I created a folder "My Playlists" in the phone and copied all .m3u playlists to that folder.
/ Disconnected USB
/ Turned the phone OFF for a minute.
/ Turned the phone ON and started Winamp (this forced winamp to re-scan all files, everywhere in the phone) looking for playlists. ATTENTION ! This may take a few minutes.
/ Presto ! When a tiny circle in a corner of winamp stops spinning, all playlists appear, very neatly in alphabetical sequence (winamp has no way to do this otherwise).
/ Now, every time I want to remove a playlist, I just connect to USB and remove that playlist from folder "My Playlists", to change a playlist, I overwrite the file in the phone with the updated playlist and to add I just transfer the new .m3u file to the phone.

Very easy and much faster than trying to sync via wi-fi. At least until Winamp fixes this issue.

What I think happens:
/ Winamp stores the playlist in an internal database, instead of just as text files.
/ Winamp is good at finding and reading old style .m3u playlists and updating it's database with data extracted from those text files - It does this every time you switch the phone OFF and ON again.
/ Winamp is not working properly when it syncs it's database in the PC with it's database in the phone.

I hope this helped someone.

Merry Christmas !
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