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Crossfade Disk Writer new file


I've installed the Sqr crossfade writer plugin, amazing tool !!
It is exactly what I need; at the end of a song I have to mix a little part in it. And this plugin does the job exactly.
But I have to do that for about 1500 songs...

Is there a way to use the plugin in a way of "batch".
Can you configure the plugin (or in another way) that he has to create a new file every 2 files?

eg playlist:
1. song 1
2. addition to song 1
3. song 2
4. addition to song 2

I want to create with the crossfade disk write plugin a new wav file, every 2 files.
So 1+2 should be 1 file, 3+4 should be 1 file and so on...

This would be a great help !

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