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I'm also glad that Winamp is still maintained. One of the best media player. As good as VLC Media Player.

Actually VLC can play online videos through it. It has tab called "Streaming". If you write youtube vieo URL then it plays that video from the Internet throught itself. And it is very comfortable for mobile devices, because the app has its special derivative for mobiles. And if you play YT video through browser and you close Phone cover then the music stream immediately stops. But with VLC it doesn't. It still plays which is very good. You can travel by bike or early in the morning run long distances with earphones from mobile. Mobile cover is closed to store device energy. But music playback continues Because it has the option to play streaming video just as audio.
So, Winamp also needs such application for smartphones for Android and iOS.

But for all my PC music I use Winamp. Equalizer tones in an extended V-shape. Also pc motherboard sound card is operated by Realtek HD Audio Manager. There I have also increase only 31, 62, 125, 250, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k and 16k tones in a similar extended v-shape.
On 2.0 speakers system (S-30) the sound through double equalizer systems is very specific and good.

Long live Winamp.
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