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Hi mewn,

What do you mean by the mouse is loading something? Has it turned into the hourglass and there is no way to tell what may be causing it?

What version of Winamp are you using now? From your info report of 6/10/13 you were using The current beta is That report also showed 2 folders for Winamp system components. In my Windows 7 confirguration only 1 folder is used for that. Maybe you should post a new info report with the latest version of Koopa's tool (link below).

When you removed everything, did you reinstall using the custom mode? If not, you can run the installer again in custom mode and do not install the tray component and the browser add-ons (unless you really need them).

Winamp uses the Windows Internet Explorer engine for some of it's features. Do you have IE enabled and what is it's Internet Zone security level set to?

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