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Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
This new attached version seems to have done the trick. The attachment also includes an updated version of the api_BogProgEmbededArt.h header that corrects the bad safe macro.
Hi thinktink,

Version seems to have fixed my crashing problem with the cPro skins. Winamp with my usual cPro skin has been showing an album cover for over an hour with no problems.

I assume the .h header file is for other dev types like yourself, it is nothing that I have to do anything with. Correct?

Will you answer 3 more questions, please (excluding this one ).

With the previous versions, I used the load button on the left to select an image file and the paste button on the right to embed it (since the paste button on the left did not seem to work). Is this the correct procedure?

Can I use the quality option in the BPEmbededArt.ini file to experiment with compression levels? Are the lines for the JPEG and PNG writers needed? I'm currently using an .ini file with the same 3 lines I posted before (#40).

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