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Originally Posted by dotme View Post
Well that's all good info. So it's down to the virtual machine then. What does the vendor use? VMWare? If so, here's one KB

You're probably stuck now going down a list of "could be" items until you find the one it actually is. So we're not going to be a whole lot of help here, other than to reassure you that what you're trying to do can be done - meaning something's up with your configuration or VPS.
I believe they are using xen hypervisor , but if this won't work I guess I'll just close the vps account and use what I use now. I tried the link you provided and did what was relevant to me and no change. Thx for the help anyway guys. Not sure what to ask the host that they can do to my vps, anything they can increase on their side? I'm baffled.
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