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Originally Posted by dotme View Post
We posted at about the same time. Just to be clear, this happens at any bit rate and frequency? 128kbps/44.1kHz MP3? Does the same thing happen if you choose another encoder (AAC+ for example)? - Just trying to rule out codecs / Lame version etc...

No intro/backup files, right?
I have tried aac, tried ogg, wma all do it, just not at the same 20 second Mark but all rebuffer, as I go down the data rate from 128 to 112 to 96 to 32kbps the rwvuffering gets pushed back a minute or so, so at 32kbps essentially it won't start rebuffering at 20 second mark, but at 1:30min mark.

No intro files, no backup, nothing. My config is as simple as it can be. Just changed the port, and passwords all else is stock.
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