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It is a shame, spent lots of time into this and couldn't find anything, I had a 1gig connection with 100+ mbps upload link and ram and cpu are not even used, we talking 2% on cpu and 1 gb of ram out of 8gb for a win server 2012. tried everything, even tried icecast, and winamp payer with the shoutcast DSP plugin, and it's not SAM, something with the encoding part of it, I tried AAC, MP3, WMA, any format allowable I tried and got different results, just like yours. AAC is the longest lasting, but it would consistently buffer, im bummed, and asked questions on other forums, and no resolution.

Im sure its a parameter change, but I asked my hosting provider and they had no issue adjusting a few things to try and resolve this, it's been a pain in the behind to say the least.

I tried shoutcast v1, dnas v2, icecast, older versions of icecast, don't know.
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