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it's nice that it's bring the focus back to the desktop as people seem to like for the desktop / laptop experience. however just because Win10 might unify certain things, Winamp won't really benefit without possibly a lot of change.

since you could be looking for at least 2 different clients...
1) aimed at the "legacy" desktop as we've got and 2) a second which basically is like WAFA and drops everything that came before it and is implemented as a native "modern" app.

or you just drop the "legacy" desktop version completely and either port what can be over to the modern framework (which doesn't help for Win7 and earlier users) or you just start over from scratch in the WAFA manner.

for mobile you'd probably be looking at a whole new WAFA like setup i.e. start from scratch (if something were to be done for it), but as the desktop is made more a kin to what was known in Win7 and earlier, there's probably less of a reason to make a "modern" desktop app version of Winamp as that could be done but you pretty much do a Winamp3 on the desktop client of Winamp and we've said we're not going to do that.
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