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if the Windows desktop is going to be more obvious on Win10, as seems to be the case, then the existing Winamp for Windows will do fine for true desktop / laptop / applicable tablet usage.

however if wanting to go the modern app route (which for full setups i don't know is right as all of the apps i've seen tend to somewhat dumb things down somewhat), you would still be looking at probably at least 2 versions with them being aimed at the desktop / laptop / applicable tablet usage and then a version aimed at the mobile platform.

yes it might be easier (depending on the implementation, etc) to cover more of the Windows platforms from a generally shared code base, but you still have nuances between things which would generally mean multiple (unless things have changed more than i remember with the Win8.x handling of different app stores and all of that fun).

basically the legacy desktop (which is a misnomer to call it legacy when it's actively used) vs modern apps situation is somewhat of a mess imho. sure it can help to make it easier to do most of a shared code base over all instances of a platform. however its always better imho to tune things for the platform being used (which is why WAFA on tablets was not a nice experience since it was tuned more towards phones than tablets, though with the emergence of phablets it shows its issues again).

and as for reaching more, it's hard to say since you've already got something that runs on Windows as-is, it's really the mobile side of things which is where the requests come from and not looking for a modern app version of Windows for the desktop.

but it's all a bit of a mess with mobile anything in general due to different platforms needing / doing different things and frameworks trying to achieve commonality from a single code base vs going native for a platform (which i think is the better option). so i really don't know what the aims, etc are going to be for any of it other than i'd probably expect anything other than the desktop client as-is to be re-written rather than re-using what went before but we shall see (as i really don't know as i'm not involved with such matters, desktop and SHOUTcast take up too much of my time already).
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