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They might aswel just show a tiolet on all those screens.. because that is all I see for winblows 10.. and flush

seriously its shit.. what happened to the developers improving the OS with useful fking features.. they all got replaced with marketing muppets? They sucked so fking much they needed to hold back releasing the metro abortion startmenu fix for 8.1 so that they actually had something to sell this new crap OS with?.. look we still using that shit square crap gui, we still done fuck all improvements to the explorer shell.. but hey we can now have this spyware infested phone home shite on all even more devices maybe push the cloudware crap even more.

please buy it like a good fucking idiot.. even though the OS is no better than win7 because that is the new win XP..

i guess they will need to pull another directx farse to force upgrades on gamers and 'enthusiasts'

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