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Originally Posted by Koogle View Post
maybe they hire some gui designers that didn't just finish kindergarten art class, all they do is stupid fking square shapes and simpleton color schemes... and that is meant to be professional? looks like it was made for 4years olds or 80year olds with sight difficulties.
LOL...except they put millions on the line; to create a unified ecosystem and took a huge risk in going forward with what they believed; was a convergence of UI Design Principles; Their only mistake was to force it upon users; their best option would be to make a
Windows Core free for devices that used touch input and were small form factors, and for everything else continue with the same business logic they defined. And, well after all that they actually do now offer Windows (Core) for less than 10 inch devices for free.

Additionally, they are taking consumer, business and end users input on Windows 10 and building out updates continually.

I've already seen no more than 5 updates to my Windows 10; as for usage I love it and enjoy it for the most part. Though, search could be a bit faster (embedded system search; that is). |
That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.
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