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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
your response ignores the context of my earlier post (# 12) and responds to a POV I did not put out.
i have no interest in looking at things previously said as it doesn't matter imho. the point you make about what you're wanting to see (as I quoted) means not getting what you've currently got as the biggest legacy issue is plug-ins and skins.

hence why what you're asking for can only be satisfied by dropping those aspects and going for a native app would pretty much do just that. as all existing plug-ins would never work (that's just not how the Windows app model works afaik) and skins would pretty much have to be dropped as-is - it might be able to fake classic support, but modern skin support would be either heavily crippled or just not worth the effort.

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
also, it is not "legacy support" to have an app provide abilities beyond what's in an OS, like ALAC.
it does when those plug-ins would not be loaded in a modern app and going for a free app solution would mean it's just the easiest option of relying on the OS to provide things without having to cram in all sorts of codecs that most don't care for and don't need i.e. it would be bloating the app for the sake of a few vs the many.

as such thinking modern apps are great and gets you one thing on everywhere has serious compromises if you're comparing against what you want / expect for the Windows desktop version. if anything, you'd end up with something more like WAFA if Winamp for Windows is done as a modern app than just iterating on things as a 'legacy' app.

so it is best to think through things a bit more before you go about asking for such things as you (and others) will pretty much not like what you'll get when it comes to having a native modern app vs maintaining the existing Windows version in some form. plus just having the Winamp name on something doesn't mean much if it doesn't fit with people's expectations as WAFA showed and would be even more of the case with creating it as a modern app.


and from what i gather from the information provided so far about Windows 10 (is hard to know without something to actual run on), it will try to be more consistent between 'legacy' and modern apps in the way things are done - that means Winamp as-is can probably achieve / work with some of those aspects but not all (like the auto-maximising aspect especially for classic skins).

so for some aspects (even for things going to Windows 7) it still requires some fundamental changes to how Winamp works and that is a decision that would need to be made as to whether to do so or not as they have the potential to break some long held assumptions by plug-ins / 3rd party tools vs doing it 'right' so as to natively work with things like aero-snap, etc without trying to detect / emulate that functionality.
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