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In Windows 10, Winamp will read only the first mp3 of a folder

Hi !

I have "upgraded"(?) to Windows 10 one of my laptops, and discovered that I can't play my albums any longer. Most of them are made of mp3's downloaded on iTunes and still play perfectly on my other laptop which is -fortunately- still running Windows 7.
In windows 10, even if I click on "play the folder" in the skin menu, it will stop after the 1st. file !
So, this isn't a question of corrupt files or anything wrong with my mp3's, Winamp or my laptop,it's another of those messy stuffs that Windows 10 (who needed it??)has brought with it.
If I copy the very same folder to my laptop running Windows 7, Winamp will play the whole folder as it has always done.

All this makes me very angry, and I have no idea what to do. I have used Winamp for over 12 years, I'm now running the latest version with all the plugins needed, this is the first time this problem happens.

Can anyone help?? I will not give Winamp up ! I have accumulated over the years over 700 Classic Skins and about 100 "fancy" Modern Skins (WooHoo-Fer is one of the wildest to me), so much fun and pleasant memories !!

So, I hope to hear from you, guys. Thanks in advance for your help !

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