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No, I haven't enhanced the Windows codecs. What I meant by disabling was: Go to the options of the Windows Media input plugin (in_wm) and remove WMA from it's associated extensions. Then go to in_dshow's configuration and add WMA. Then restart Winamp.

On my Windows XP (SP3) the files are then played via a DirectShow Filter called "WMAudio Decoder DMO". I think this is preinstalled in Windows XP and sounds fine.

I am using DirectSound output with default buffersizes. I realized that stuttering especially occurs when many programs are open, as if Winamp's WMA decoding would eat up much CPU. The same number of programs open, there is no stuttering when playing MP3 files with Winamp, or playing that WMA file with Windows Media Player or the DirectShow Filter.

My PC is rather old, 1,6 GHz single-core and 1GB RAM. Maybe this CPU load issue doesn't occur on newer machines with more power. But it should be able to play WMA files lag-free on a 1,6 GHz system as other players do it well...

Anyway, if it's too much effort to optimize these routines, no problem. I just want to notice about it. I can use other players for those files, as it's just a handful old files (and not quite the kind of music I listen to very often, as you might imagine...)

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