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I switched from itunes to winamp but it has bugs

I switched to winamp because of its simple interface and visuals (AMAZING). Theres things wrong with the programme that just plane bugs me!

I've edited a lot of the settings to make it the way i like it, but theres things that can't be removed i want this option and some can be fixed in next update ok here we go.

1. I have songs in WAV and MP3 ok the album artwork on this media player is crap. Give us the option to drag and drop artwork straight into winamp regardless of format. Or even select if from our computer but that option isn't available. I don't feel like downloading or even paying for tag editing software its junk, winamp isn't i need this featuer in an update.

2. Give me the ability to make the winamp window any size i want, in my list of songs i have the following (Artist, title, length and bit rate) I can't make the window any narrower that it is already i want winamp thin.

3. whenever i click maximize visuals it works for half a second then minimizes to desktop, i then have to manually hover over the minimised window and click milkdrop for it to work full screen i don't know if this is a bug or what.

4. songs in wav format don't have the option to edit album art right clicking a song (wav) then hitting "view file info" just brings up channel(s) 2, Signed 16 bit PCM and 44100 Hz. When you do this with an mp3 you get so many options. When ever i click view file info the artist dissapears so i have to retype the artist back in (this is a bug)

5. I don't care about add-ons give me the ability to remove the text from the media library section along with podcasts and book marks, i'm never going to use the internet through winamp i have ie for that. Some with browser give option to remove it from (media library, video, visualization and browser)

6. I like how the album art work lies flush against the song ticker and volume control but i can only get this effect if i have the playlist box extended far out, i'm never going to use a playlist box its a waste if someone is going to make a playlist then use the playlist tab on the left why put 2 playlist functions on the interface its annoying.

hopefully these are looked at by one the the 'team' and implemented in the next update i so hope it is, it would make winamp complete.

I'm using bento skin and its the only skin i really like, i've looked at some downloadable ones played around with them don't like them.
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